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Moon cake The two main forms of metamorphic failure to Kazakhstan and mildew, if using good quality preservative and correct the oxygen packaging method, can inhibit the deterioration phenomena of moon cake.

Lead to failure of the main reasons for moon cake and Kazakhstan in the following areas:

(1) Temperature: fat auto-oxidation rate increased with the temperature rising. Near room temperature, the temperature of each rise 10 , fat oxidation rate increases about 2.5 to 3 times, it would also accelerate the decomposition of peroxides.

(2) light and radiation exposure: light will speed up the response to oxidative rancidity of fat, while the more stable amino acids, will also promote its oxidation.

(3) Water: Water on the auto-oxidation of fat is not directly related, but indirectly.

When the moon cake in the moisture content is high or special dry, will have a faster acidification rate.

(4) oxygen partial pressure: the rate of fat auto-oxidation with atmospheric oxygen partial pressure increases.

(5) exposure area: In fact, the oil-bearing moon cake with the air in contact with the surface area and the oxidation rate relationship is more important than the oxygen partial pressure, large surface area of moon cake faster the oxidation. To prevent the oxidation of oil-bearing moon cake degeneration phenomenon, more effective approach is to improve the moon cake packaging technology. Nitrogen using vacuum packaging or packaging, or packaging oxygen absorber used to remove free oxygen, can reduce or prevent the oxidation of fat, all of which require packaging packaging measures can absolutely prevent gas leakage.

In the above measures on, he placed the most ideal way deoxidizer, because, whether vacuum or nitrogen packing, moon cake packaging bag are a little residual oxygen. Packaging methods used to remove oxygen, in addition to preventing the effect of oxidation of moon cake ingredients, the same time, oxygen can inhibit the microbial growth and good reproduction.

Lead to the main moon cake mold: (1) Biological Pollution: moon cake during processing, due to unsafe operation and management, to make moon cake is the environment, equipment, utensils contaminated by micro-organisms attached.

(2) temperature: the growth of many micro-organisms suitable temperature for 20 , 25 , the temperature, the microbial growth rate to increase in geometric form reproduction. The temperature of 42 , 65 , the microbial growth has been inhibited, so the moon cake moon cake manufacturers usually take heat sealing packaging.

(3) Relative humidity: absorption of nutrients and microbes to the outside world outside metabolite excretion, are subject to water as a medium. Microorganisms from the water, it can not be life activities.

(4) Nutrition: Nutrition moon cake is more complete, rich in protein for microbial growth, provides a good breeding material.

(5) Oxygen: moon cake production, packaging process, within and around its frequent presence of oxygen. In the moon cake packaging bag if there is oxygen, it will promote the growth of aerobic microorganisms. Is a form of aerobic bacteria on the fungus.

Oxygen absorber can be extended shelf life of moon cake. Deoxidant main mechanism is the moon cake packaging sucked the oxygen bag (including the outside world to continuously penetrate into the moon cake packaging bag of oxygen), the packaging bag of the oxygen concentration was controlled below 0.1%, to moon cake in a anaerobic environment, thereby inhibiting oxidation and moon cake mold phenomena. However, if the moon cake quality raw material itself, such as moon cake in the microbial content of raw materials higher, or use the peroxide value of oil is too high, the use of any moon cake late preservatives, for the sanitary quality of the moon cake, are useless of. If you want to raise the level of preservation of moon cake, moon cake's shelf life extension, you must add a preservative to go outside the path, that is to be the quality of raw materials from the moon cake guard to control the entire production process, supporting the use of oxygen added preservatives and other internal and external preservative to improve the hygienic quality of moon cake, and shelf life.

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