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Couples generally go in for the wedding anniversary cakes which are replicas of their wedding cakes. This helps them to relive those beautiful moments since they time they began their married life.

Cakes are most essential element for your wedding anniversary celebration. You have to carefully select the best wedding cakes for the occasion. There are abundant varieties and designs of cakes. You can go in for some amazing varieties of the cakes for the celebration.

The couple should discuss with each other about their preference for the cake. A perfect fusion of the vintage and modern wedding cake style could be an excellent alternative. It would be a perfect choice for the couples to celebrate their marriage anniversary.

You can plan out a surprise wedding cake for your partner.

For this, you can go in for a modern design like a multi-layered cake with some romantic messages inscribed on them. Another option could be to go in for cake lollipops with a lovely short message on them.

The cakes should be given yummy fillings such as the one with some unusual flavors, and designs. Hence, you have to check out the flavor and fillings for the cake before finalizing the cake designs.

You can ornate the cakes with ample of trinkets in the shape of butterfly, hearts or stars. You can choose the best one that would suit your requirements. You can go in for some innovative cake styles and shapes in the shape of the musical instrument or sports equipments.

The cake would exhibit the personality of the couple.

Hence, an excellent option would be to choose a cake design that would be bring out your areas of interest. For instance: You can go in for cake in the shape of a travelling bag if you an avid traveler.

Some interesting tips and ideas for the wedding anniversary cakes are listed below:


Couples go in for classy and elegant cakes for the occasion. You can go in for a simple wedding cake decorated with polka dots with vintage wedding cake topper.


There are some trendy and unique designs available on the internet which can be selected for the occasion.


You can go in for expensive wedding cakes. For the twenty fifth anniversaries which is also known as silver anniversary, you can go in for a silver colored cakes or a topper with twenty five written on it. This silver colored cake would be a perfect choice if your anniversary falls in winter. You can sprinkle some snowflakes to make it a perfect winter anniversary cake.


You can also go in for an expensive cake studded with precious metals. You can go in for diamonds, pearls, and many other varieties apt for your cake design.


Some of you might also prefer to bake your own cake and decorate it especially for your partner. For this you have to select a recipe of the favorite flavor of your partner and bake a cake. You can easily decorate it with the accessories that are available on the internet. You have to also decide the icing for the cake. Some of the popular option includes fondant, vanilla, chocolate, or any other flavor of your choice.


You can also go in for cupcakes of different flavors. You can make arrangement of these cakes as per your desire. There are cupcake tree stands and various other cupcake stands and wrappers which are available for making it look attractive and stunning.

The tips and ideas mentioned here will surely help you to arrange for a beautiful and yummy wedding anniversary cake.


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