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When a modern cake maker or decorator hears the words "easy cakes" they might leap to the conclusion that it is a boxed cake mix being discussed. While this is certainly a possibility, it is important to remember that there are a lot of super easy recipes that can allow you to make a cake entirely "from scratch". There are also just as many interesting and unique recipes that combine the quality of a "from scratch" recipe with the convenience of a mix as well.

Any one of these varieties of cakes can be called easy, and most of them can be used as the base for a beautifully decorated cake too. The trick to creating a cake that is truly easy, from start to finish, is to partner the right cake with the ideal frosting or decorative treatment.

How do you know how to do that? It all starts with understanding how the batter operates and the end results possible.

For instance, when you spend the time learning how to make a small number of cake bodies from scratch, you will quickly determine which of the recipes results in a sturdier cake and which is just too delicate to frost at all. You also understand which of these cakes can pair up nicely with the flavors and textures of the various icings, glazes, and frostings used too.

Once you have mastered basic cake making, you may want to explore recipes that use cake mix as an ingredient. These are often extremely handy recipes because they allow the baker to create reliable results which are often streamlined by the fact that very little measuring, sifting, and preparation are required.

Because part of cake making is understanding the right pans, the right amount baking time, and the appropriate amount of cooling time necessary, it is always a very fruitful and beneficial exercise to master these more complicated ways of making cake bodies.

You can then be certain that you understand just how the cakes will behave at the time you begin to frost them.

For example, you may have found that you love the taste and texture of a recipe that is made quite easily with a mix as a major ingredient in the recipe. You may have allowed this cake to cool to room temperature before attempting to frost it, but discovered that it still made crumbs and was a bit difficult. Your mastery of cake making, however, trained you to freeze the cakes to see if this helped, and this may have led you to the ultimate solution. Now, you have learned that you can use that recipe, freeze the results, and then get that cake body to hold up to any type of frosting or decorative treatment desired.

This is the essence of easily making cakes because it allows you to rely upon a simple recipe, follow some very basic steps to prepare the cake, and then to frost or decorate it without any real hassles or problems!

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