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Recipe Nunavut

There are so many ways to make perfect potatoes, but all involve a few basic techniques. Once mastered, you can branch out and experiment with endless variations of your own.

On these menu, you will find reliable recipes for some classic potato dishes such as roasted, mashed, baked in foil and served with sour cream, potato cups and herbed potatoes with parley and butter. These favorites can accompany almost any disk or make a snack on their own.

Soups and starters make fabulous first courses, light meals or tempting snacks. You can also find ideal party food, easy to hand around on trays or arrange as a buffet.

Delicious meals that are good for you as well - these recipes are perfect for festive summer lunches or light family meals with a difference. Combine potatoes with a variety of ingredients, such as chicken, seafood, crispy vegetables and fresh fruit, pour over a favorite dressing and you have an easy to prepare dish for the whole family.

Dressing for potato salads; Dressing are crucial to any salad. For those who prefer a basic dressing, prepare your salad, take it to the table, an just before eating, pour on vinegar and oil, in the ratio of one part vinegar to two part oil. For those who prefer something a little fancier, the range is endless. Try the following recipes, and experiment by creating your own.

Potato dishes can make filling, substantial meals. Crepes, soups, pies, souffls, stews, quiches, rolls, pastries, potatoes with fish, chicken, meat and vegetables. These recipes below can feed the family and provide the basic for many successful dinner parties. You will also find some well known recipes which feature both meat and potatoes. These hearty dishes are particularly suitable for cold winter nights, dinner parties or extra-hungry teenagers.

In many countries, potatoes are served with a main meal at least once a day. The increasing emphasis on health these days, more people are looking for alternatives to meat, chicken and fish. We have include plenty of tasty meatless recipes in this menu to satisfy both your nutritional needs and your taste buds.

Diets notwithstanding, most of us love the occasional excursion into fried foods, and they are often family favorites, Potato chips, French fries, croquettes, crispy potatoes, pomes anisettes - home make is infinitely superior to packaged foods. Eaten in moderation, say once a week, they shouldn't damage your health or your waistline.

The versatile potato can form the basic for poultry stuffing or can be used to make luscious fillings for potato cups, or served with a variety of quick, easy toppings. Most fillings can be prepared a couple of hours before serving and are quick and easy to prepare.

Potatoes appear in bread recipes in many countries around the world. Potato bread is both economical and nutritious. It also makes particularly good toast and croutons. Cakes, biscuits and yeast rolls also come up light and fluffy, and make a delicious change from more conventional recipes.

Sweet potatoes are extremely popular. Traditionally associated with Creole cooking, they can be used to make delicious sweet pies, fruit salads, baked dishes and accompaniments.

Appetizing though the potato undoubtedly is, all parents sometime have trouble enticing their children to eat good food. The following recipes are designed especially to appeal to children, visually and tastewise.

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