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It is a well known fact that vegetarians too enjoy numerous types of dishes. But the fact remains that there are various dishes that a vegetarian person cannot enjoy. One such example is that of sponge cake. This cake is generally made from eggs, and thus people who consider that eggs are non vegetarian food in nature; they do not eat cakes made from eggs. They either have fruit cake or no cake at all. Now take a situation where your kids want to have this cake, whereas someone else in the house is a vegetarian. Though he or she is a vegetarian still they are close to us, and therefore it cannot be the fact, that we will enjoy the cake and they will not be included. Thus we need some solution where both the vegetarian family members as well as the non vegetarian candidates are able to enjoy the cake.

 The steps below will help you to make a vegetarian sponge cake in easy steps. You need to follow these instructions very carefully in order to make it sure, that every ingredient is in the right amount, and every step is followed as written. Do not change the sequence or else you will end up with another new version of may be not so tasty sponge cake.

Ingredients that you will need are:

Half tin (approximately 200 – 250 grams) of condensed tin packed milk

140 to 150 grams of self raising type of cake flour

One table spoon of baking powder

Half a table spoon of baking soda

55 - 60 milliliters of melted margarine or even butter will do.

1 table spoon of vanilla essence for vanilla flavor

 If you want you can have 1 table spoon of chocolate syrup for chocolate essence in the sponge cake too.

Steps involved in making the cake

Blend the cake flour, the baking powder and the sodium bicarbonate together.
Merge the cake flour combination, with the condensed milk, the 60 ml of melted butter or margarine, the chocolate or vanilla essence and approximately 75 ml water and mix it properly.
Empty the mixture inside a greased and dusted tin can of approximately 150 mm size.
Cook in a hot oven at around 200 degree Celsius (approximately 400 degree Fahrenheit) for 10 - 12 minutes. In the next step we decrease the temperature to around 150 degree Celsius (approximately 300 degree Fahrenheit) and cook in the oven for a further 8 - 10 minutes.

Leave the cake as such for few minutes and then serve the sponge cake hot.

This vegetarian sponge cake can be served to both the vegetarians as well as the non vegetarians. The fact is that they would not be able to understand the difference in between the two, since this cake has its own kind of taste. This cake has become quite famous in major parts of Europe and Asia. People have accepted its taste with overwhelming response. Thus you too can make this cake, to make your loved ones happy.    

I will suggest you to visit this site for more information and tips for sponge cake - sockerkaka is the term in Swedish.And in addition to that you can read more about chocolate cake - chokladkaka in Swedish.


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