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Marriages are once in a lifetime affair and you would want it to be a memorable day. But you have money constraints, don't be disheartened. You may not afford the best but there is dearth of options which will not only fit into your budget but also be as good as what you would like it to be. So, explore the options around you and you will find many. You can also do online research where you will find different types of wedding cakes and wedding cake prices. This way you will have prior knowledge as to which suits your budget and what not. Remember, cheap doesn't always mean low quality, it can just be affordable, may be the size could be bit smaller but it will look cute. You may go for simple cakes with single or double layers topped with flowers.

You may follow the below mentioned tips to have a fulfilling wedding cake on your special day.

Look for a at home cake baking specialist who will be able to prepare your wedding cake with less expenditure. However, do background checking before finalizing someone.
It's your wedding and what can be better than you preparing your own wedding cake. This way you can also personalize the wedding cake and it will be real fun. If you have prior knowledge as to how to bake a cake get ready to deliver your best on the best day of your life. You may also take assistance from friends and family.
Go to your local grocery store, explore the options and see what you can get for making a good wedding cake. You might just turn up with a cake that beats even your own expectation. Besides, purchasing in bulk can save you money which can be better utilized somewhere else.
You can refer to online recipe book to get information on variety of wedding cakes you can make at home with minimal expenditure
You should however, plan it all much earlier so as to avoid last minute hassles. If time permits take a small course on wedding cake making. This would help you brush up on your skills and boost your confidence. You will be better positioned to decide which wedding cake to make and the result.
Try a cake topper that expresses your feelings for each other or lets you convey your imagination. You can rely on flowers instead of expensive cake toppers; you can create your own design.
Be unique and try new things with your cake. Try doing away with the cake topper. It still looks beautiful without one. If you have to, try seasonal flowers as cake topper which will really look good.

Wedding is a once in a lifetime affair and wedding cake is as important. But even if you have a tight budget you have so many options available that the fear of coming up with a substandard cake is almost pushed to the corner. So, go ahead enjoy your day.

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