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By no means are wedding cake toppers a central element in a wedding. But, at the same time, they are one of the primary things that attendees remember about the marriage years after it has taken place. Wedding cake toppers are a form of keepsake that many families will pass down to their heirs over the centuries. And that's why you'll often see brides spending so much time agonizing over the many choices available while trying to find the "perfect" wedding cake topper.

The dripless candle wedding dessert topper is one of the more popular wedding cake toppers. It's especially perfect for an outdoor beach wedding held in an atmosphere with mild breezes. It also is relatively inexpensive when compared with other type of cake toppers. You'll find these types of toppers available in many custom shapes and the long burning candles can last as long as three days.

Some couples just have to be creative and just can't see themselves settling for one of the many standard cake toppers that can be found at thousands of other weddings.

If you are such a creative type and you have a bit more money to spend as well, you can opt to have a custom wedding cake topper designed for your wedding. Your choice can be humorous or serious -the tone doesn't matter. What is important, however, is that your custom cake topper design expresses something about yourselves as a couple. If not, why do it?

Other couples are simple traditionalist and would think that it's sacrilege to even consider parting with the ways of the past simply to indulge their creativity and passions. For these couples, the choice is easy. The "right" glass, porcelain or other type of wedding cake topper can be easily decided on by simply choosing one that you like from a catalog of the most popular cake topper designs.

Couples that just can't be bothered to be serious may find a humorous wedding dessert topper more to their liking. These couples can choose from toppers diverse as Mickey and Minnie Mouse to swashbuckling sea and space pirates. Just be aware that whatever "humorous" images you choose will follow you and your soon to be spouse around for the whole of your marriage.

It used to be that you could only find wedding toppers for straight couples. But today, gay and lesbian couples have wedding cake topper choices as well. While not as extensive as traditional male/female toppers - more are working themselves into the mainstream every day. Gay couples can find man/man toppers with two men in tuxedos atop the cake. Lesbian couples can find cake toppers consisting of two brides in wedding dresses or tuxedos.

No matter who you are, you can be sure that the perfect wedding dessert topper is out there for you. Just keep in mind that this part of the wedding ceremony is meant to be fun. If you keep that attitude in mind, your wedding is bound to be perfect.

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