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This is my very favorite cake in the whole World. But rarely can you find one made the old fashioned way, with Kirschwasser. So, in desperation one party day, I came up with this idea and hope you like it as well.

1. The night before, bake 2 layers of Chocolate cake in either 2 inch pans or 4 layers in those 1 ½ inch high aluminum pans from the market. Grease and flour pans.

2. Bake in 275 degree oven 35 minutes, which prevents cake from rising quickly in center. Turn oven up to 300, bake 10 minutes. Test with a toothpick, baking until toothpick is clean of crumbs.

3. Cool slightly. Level in pans. Turn them onto a wire rack. Cool completely, put layers into freezer to "flash freeze". Slice the 2 inch layers horizontally though before you free them.

The next day.

4. Remove layers from freezer.

5. Make Chocolate Mousse

- Beat Rich's Bettercreme Non Dairy Topping OR you can use Cool Whip if you prefer.

- Mix Hershey's Cocoa with a little milk to make a syrup.

- Mix together, and you have a quick Mousse.


Make White Chocolate Mousse

- Beat Rich's Bettercreme Non Dairy Topping OR you can use Cool Whip again if you prefer.

- Melt either a bar of Hershey's White Chocolate OR a few White Chocolate Chips in a Pyrex measuring glass.

NOTE: be very careful about melting this or dark chocolate. Do NOT get any water near them or the chocolate will knot up.

- Add a few drops of oil which keeps the White Chocolate creamy when added to the non-dairy topping.

- Microwave for 10 seconds ONLY at a time. If you melt it too fast it will burn.

- Stir White Chocolate into whipping cream.


Open a can of Cherry pie filling

8. Place 1 layer of cake on cake plate

9. Spread a nice amount of Chocolate Mousse on cake.

10. Place the 2nd layer of cake on top of Chocolate Mousse.

11. Pipe an icing ring close to the edge of the cake and fill with Cherry Pie filling.

12. Put 3rd layer of cake on top of Cherry filling.

13. Spread a nice amount of White Chocolate Mousse on this layer.

14. Place 4th and top layer of cake on White Chocolate Mousse and you are ready to ice the cake.

15. Beat more of the Rich's Bettercreme Non Dairy Topping, this time being sure it forms nice soft peaks. Don't beat it until it is hard. You want the outside icing to be soft and creamy. Ice the cake.

16. Sprinkle Chocolate slivers all over cake.

17. Pipe a few dollops of Bettercreme on top of cake and place Cherries with stems on top of the dollops.

And there you have it. One terrific, yummy and pretty cake! I hope you enjoy.


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