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I cannot recall the exact time of the first time I watched Cinderella but I still remember covering my face with my mom's sofa pillows as I gazed Cinderella kissing the prince in front of their fabulous wedding cake as the narrator said "...and they lived happily ever after" through the pillows edges. As I grow up, I still remember the feeling I hope I will be getting: the feeling I got when I watched the romantic cartoon. This maybe is embarrassing but true. I believe most girls in the world carry the dream of being a cartoon princess and live happily ever after in their marriage life with their prince charming in their hearts.

A princess wedding cake is a sweet touch, a dream come true, and maybe the most daring choice a girl can ever make among all wedding cake ideas. Though your prince charming doesn't dance and doesn't ride a white horse to your reception, you both still can do the kissing in front of your pretty cartoon princess wedding cake.

Yes, some girls don't grow old, fellas. They just grow taller and gain more weights! Cinderella wedding has many more interesting bits; it was not only the cake, it was all the decorations, wedding outfits, guests' costumes, and impersonated side characters. See girls, if you are planning to have a princess cake; you are not loosing your sanity.

Most people might think this is childish. You don't have to settle a kiddy topper for your wedding cake; you just take the basic colors used in that princess wedding. The most famous and well known classic romantic cartoon is Cinderella. You may have your cake colored in pink and blue, as the main colors used in Cinderella was pink and blue. For some romantic touch, add white ribbons or white roses.

But if you are daring enough, set a glass shoe miniature as your wedding cake topper or a pumpkin carriage candle alongside the cake as decoration.

This wedding is yours and entering new day as a married woman should be fun! You go Princess!

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