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Types of Dishes and Cakes

Signature Dishes: There are blends which only the soul and its cravings understand best. On the soul trek, Pudding and Pie discovered bewildering concoctions that promise to unite you with your higher self. Dripping of fantasy, these are recipes that are closest to our heart and are available only when you order online to Pudding & Pie. If you are searching a bakery to send birthday cake, they even help you share the delectable findings with your loved ones. Just a couple of clicks and you can send that special birthday cake to your friend and family sitting unaware in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida, through the online ordering facility.

Various signature dishes are Arabian honey cake, Walnut cinnamon cake, Dark moist chocolate cake, Chocolate chip brownie cake, Chocolate mousse cake, Chocolate elegance, Chocolate truffle cake, Cherry delight, Oreo cheese cake, Devil's chocolate pudding, Chocolate chip brownies, Swedish walnut pie and Mocha rum pie.

Forever Favourites: There are some treats that always fill taste blanks perfectly.

Time tested, filled with solace, garnished with love, they always leave you longing for more. Forever favourites are just those chocolate smeared hugs that have endured in their promise to cheer you up.

Various Forever favourites dishes are Black forest cake, Tiramisu, Chocolate nougat fudge cake, Pineapple cake, Chocolate temptation, fresh fruit cake, Mango mousse cake, Orange cheese cake, Blueberry cheese cake, Lemon cheese cake, Caramel custard, Hot chocolate pudding, Walnut brownie and Apple pie.

Other Deserts and Cakes: Lemon cake, Carrot cake, Marble pound cake, Blueberry muffin, Chocolate muffin, Carrot muffin, Tangy lemon pie, gooey chocolate pie, Chocolate chip cookie, Chocolate rings, Jam rings Dark, chocolate cookies, Almond cookies Butter cookies, Chicken patty, Veg patty, Paneer patty, Spinach & mushroom, Corn & tomato, Chicken quiche, Chicken and corn, quiche Chicken and herb quiche, Spinach and mushroom, Corn and mushroom, Chicken and corn, Hot dogs, Sandwiches and veg pizza.

Features of Chef

Every chef shares a special relationship with his oven.

They consult, conspire and innovate together to rustle up the most mesmerizing temptations. Though Pudding & Pie have gentle pleading to their chefs to give away some of their tantalizing and mouth-watering recipes.

Pudding and Pie deliver cake in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. To order cakes online in Delhi and send birthday cake Delhi one should never have a doubt to choose Pudding and Pie for sinful delights, tantalizing smells and culinary masterpieces of cakes in Delhi.


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