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As the focal point for your wedding reception, your lesbian themed wedding cake should be something that reflects your personal style while still being absolutely delicious! There are many bakeries that offer creative and innovative wedding cakes that are sure to please even the most discerning brides!

Traditional Vs. Eclectic
The traditional tiered wedding cake has long been thought of as being dry and simply not delicious! However, the trend now is to create a wedding cake that is made up of only the best in delicious cake and topped with the finest icing to result in an incredible creation that is sure to be gobbled up in short order!
Once you have decided on the type of cake that you want, for example: chocolate, vanilla or even lime, and then determine if you are looking for the traditional tiered wedding cake topped with figurines representative of you and your partner or a somewhat eclectic cake that is colorful and decorated in a whimsical style!

Cupcakes Or A Full Sized Cake
Consider straying away from the traditional full sized cake and opt for cupcakes! Not only are cupcakes an interesting centerpiece to replace the standard tiered wedding cake, but they are also a lot more fun and simply a lot less fussing to deal with when it comes time to eat the cake!

Attractively decorated cupcakes can be topped with you and your partners initials or simply with something that continues the theme of your wedding. For example, if your wedding theme involves jasmine blossoms then perhaps your cupcakes could be topped with delicate marzipan jasmine flowers as a continuation of your theme! For additional cupcake options consider visiting http://www.gayweddingdestinations.com/lesbianweddingcake for more tips and pointers!

The No Cake Option
If a standard lesbian wedding cake is simply not something that appeals to you and your partner then perhaps you can consider opting for something else that does better appeal to you. An ice cream cake or even a delicately sculptured chocolate figure could be the ideal alternatives to a cake that you simply wouldnt enjoy.
Remember that your wedding day is about you and your partner; the choices that you make for your wedding day should be an honest reflection of your personal tastes and your personal style!


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