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Have you ever removed a great looking cake from the oven, only to have the frosting run or clump together and ruin its perfect appearance? Having those hours of hard work ruined by a seemingly simple final step can leave you feeling frustrated. Frosting a cake takes a practiced hand, but with a few simple tips you can be well on your way to making perfectly frosted creations at home.

Tip #1: Let the cake cool. Don't try to frost the cake until it has had time to completely cool out of the oven. Trying to apply frosting too early can cause the frosting to melt and run down the sides.

Tip #2: Add baking soda. Before frosting your cake, add just a pinch of baking soda to the frosting. The baking soda will help smooth the icing so that it does not crack or begin to flake off the cake.

Tip #3: Dust the cake with flour. If your icing seems too thin and you are worried that it will run off of the cake, first apply a thin layer of flour to the cake.

This will help the icing stick to the cake even if the consistency is slightly runny.

Tip #4: Frost, refrigerate, frost. When you first ice the cake, apply just a thin layer of frosting to the cake, enough to cover the entire cake. Cover the cake and refrigerate it for about one hour. This allows the thin layer of frosting to set and seal in any crumbs that flaked off when applying the first layer. After an hour, apply a full layer of frosting. This technique will help your final frosting layer appear much more smooth and polished.

Tip #5: Smooth out the frosting. This is an optional final step to try once your cake is completely frosted.

If you would like a glossy look with a completely smooth layer of frosting, heat a kitchen knife or metal spatula. Then run the knife or spatula lightly along the frosting, which will slightly melt the icing and allow you to smooth it out as desired. Use the knife or spatula sparingly to avoid causing runs in the frosting.

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These useful hints will help give your cake a polished decorative appearance, making it look as good as it tastes. For more cake baking tips and recipes to try out at home, please visit the fun and helpful cooking website CD Kitchen online here.

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