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Having the perfect wedding cake is a large factor when it comes to arranging the perfect wedding, and if you want your special day to go as smoothly as possible and be remembered as beautiful and magical, then it's the little details like the wedding cake that can make all the difference. This is particularly the case due to the amount of focus that is placed on wedding cakes and how central they are to the whole wedding experience. During your wedding meal, it's the cake that will get everyone talking and that everyone will look forward to. At the same time the cutting of the cake is a highly important aspect of a wedding and will have a large section of the photo album all to itself. The wedding cake is also a huge feature at any wedding that takes up a lot of space and is normally decorated in bright, bright colours. As such it will attract a lot of attention and so needs to look the part - in many ways it will become a centre piece for the wedding and also a great conversation point for people talking about how beautiful everything has been.

The perfect wedding cake then should look the part and be a spectacular site to behold. At the same time though it should also taste the part - and its important that you ensure the cake is as good tasting as it is good looking - as this is what everyone will focus on at the end of the day. Finally it should be trendy, and if you're a young couple who wants their wedding to be chic and hip and don't want to be judged for being out of touch (already).

Some tips for trends this last few years are to go monochrome (black and white) which has a striking and simplistic impact. Similarly going non-floral is also very popular and can look a lot less 'campy' and be far more unisex. It's also more likely to go with other items of decoration. As for the shape, the cake no longer needs to be round and tiered, and many couples are experimenting with more and more interesting shapes and sizes. Many leading cake designers are making full use of this and designing some very out there and eye catching looks - don't be bland and traditional at the cost of having something unique.

However some of the trends are also of course the same as before, and some traditions are too set in stone to mess around. The bride and groom at the top of the cake for example are still classic and will not date, and you can't go wrong with the tiers if that is what you decide to do. At the same time as being stylish and classic however (already not an easy line to walk by any means), your cake also must be personal to you and have individuality. At the same time it must also fit with the theme of the rest of the wedding and suit the feeling and atmosphere.

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