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There are many reasons some people need to follow a gluten free, casein free diet. Some people have allergies that force them into such a diet, others simply have a low tolerance for wheat or dairy products. It has been said, and in fact proven, that a gluten free, casein free diet helps most Autistic children function normally. I can attest to that myself. My son is Autistic and before I put him on a gluten free, casein free diet, he would act very violent and erratic most of the time. Now, he is a very calm and happy child, thanks to this gluten free, casein free diet.

The problem with most gluten free, casein free diets is the fact that the food is horrible. I remember the first time I made my son Zachary a birthday cake with a box recipe I bought from the store. It was so bad nobody else would touch it, besides Zachary. He was okay with it because compared to most of the gluten free, casein free items I had made for him before, the "cake" at least pretended to be a treat.

So after that debacle, I decided I had better find a good cook book that made decent meals, and even deserts that tasted just as good, or even better than the original.

I have found such a book and it is called "The Sensitive Chef".

When I tried the Flat bread recipe from The Sensitive Chef Cookbook, it not only tasted delicious but I could use it and enjoy it just as I would "normal" bread. It stays soft, freezes well and makes the best sandwiches.

Among my favorite recipes from this cookbook is the Pantry Surprise, which is so easy to prepare and I can add extra ingredients to fit our taste. It makes a great side dish or a main dish. Also, the Applesauce Breakfast Cake is amazing! This wonderful recipe can be used as a breakfast, a dessert or a pick me up snack. This is one cake that I'm okay with going back for seconds! It is so moist and has a great texture...good enough for me to forget it's gluten free.

For almost every recipe, substitutions and/or variations can be made in order to fit the sensitive individual's dietary needs. The cookbook is great because it list the different kinds of substitutions which can be made. For example, in place of cow's milk, a sensitive individual may substitute rice milk or soy milk. Those sensitive to eggs may use their egg substitute in some recipes.

I realize from personal experience that it can be a real challenge to develop dishes that can fool wheat lovers, but I have been successful in doing just that with many of these recipes. The Double Delight Chocolate Cake was such a hit at a gathering, there was none left for my family to bring home to enjoy later!

If you or a loved one are suffering from Celiac Disease, Autism, or other food disorders you will find the Sensitive Chef Cookbook to be a welcome addition to your home. My whole family now enjoys a gluten free, casein free diet, and Zachary is the only one who really needs this kind of diet, but the rest of us enjoy it just as well as regular wheat based foods.

Here is a bit more information about gluten free, casein free diets and Autism:

It's true that most doctors rarely recommend special diets for children with autism, but many parents hear of the success of the gluten free, casein free diet through websites, books and friends. The science behind this kind of diet isn't well studied, but there are plenty of anecdotal stories of special diets having a profound and positive effect on children with autism.

The gluten free, casein free diet is the most popular choice of special diets for autistic children and there is evidence that this diet is often helpful in lessening autistic symptoms such as impulsive behaviors, lack of focus and even speech problems.

It's not easy removing gluten and casein foods from your child's diet. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley, oats, and any derivatives of those grains. Casein is found in milk and milk based products. Removing these items from your child's diet may be difficult at first, it seemed to me to be impossible, but we did it and he is so much better for it.

For whatever reason, if you are interested in a gluten free, casein free type diet, but do not want to give up the flavors and texture that wheat and milk based products give you, then please check out this new gluten free, casein free cook book "The Sensitive Chef". Here is the web site for more information:

Glenn Conley - Helping people enjoy gluten free food.

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