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There can be no other personalized present than a self-baked and homemade chocolate cake. Cakes are also considered the best dessert fit for all occasions. Buying a cake is easy but making one yourself provides for a special treat.

Chocolate cakes come in lots of various forms. The most popular form is that made of fondant. This is mainly made from sugar mixed with water and then cooled to give it that smooth clean look. There are some cakes that are made from various flavors and colors. When baking cakes, it is important that you get all of the ingredients and equipment clean and ready to use. This is because in cake making you will be using your hands a lot. For the ingredients, preparation involves measuring each one of them one by one and places them in separate containers.

One of the favorite cakes nowadays is the so called flourless chocolate cake. Not only does it keep you healthy but it also helps you reduce carbohydrates and sugar intake. The process starts with preheating the oven to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Decide how big you are going to make the cake and as soon as you have made up your mind, grease the appropriate pan and let it sit. Mix the one half cup of water, the one fourth teaspoon of salt and the one cup of sugar over a burner on medium setting. Expect that the mixture will melt and then set it aside as well.

For the chocolate, use a double boiler. The chocolate to use will depend on your personal favorite. The most popular flavor used in baking is bittersweet chocolate. Melt this in the double boiler and then add a cup of butter and beat. Add sugar water when the mixture has been blended. Crack six eggs one at a time into the mixture. Do note that you should only put the next egg when the previous one has already blended into the mixture. Pour the batter mixture into the pan where the cake batter is then place the pan into another but larger pan filled with boiling water.

Set this aside to bake for 45 minutes. You will notice the middle part to be raw. Do not worry because the batter and cake will continue baking even after it has been removed from the oven. Sit at room temperature and then place it in the refrigerator overnight. Once you are ready to serve it, hold the pan in hot water for about 15 seconds to loosen its sides and then flip it over a plate.

There are other ways in baking a chocolate cake. You can make a regular chiffon cake and then cover it with fondant icing. The fondant starts with the dough. For the dough you will need a steady, clean and strong table for kneading. Determine the dough's thickness with the rolling pin that you will use. It is important that you remove all bubbles and flatten it smoothly. This kind of cake preparation is popular for themed cakes or in weddings.

Baking a homemade chocolate cake is an exciting as well as challenging affair. To know more about this skill, the internet is there to help you. It is filled with websites, blogs, forums and reviews related to cake making. You can even attend baking classes.

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